Senin, 18 Oktober 2010

Mbak Mayang B'day

Mbak Mayang, my loyal customer, having birthday last thursday @the office, She ordered new thing, Strawberry Mousse Pudding single cup.

This project actually excited me. Yihaaa.. finally have opportunity to make cute puding in a cup :). At first mba Mayang only wanted to have them in a basic cup, but i tried to seduce her to make ini cute mica cup, hehehe.. bad bad girl. But I finally decided to have them in a nice pudding cups as a birthday present to her :)

Happy Birthday ya mbak Mayang :).. All my best wishes for you.. Sempga sehat selalu :)

Comment on FB : Mayang Atmodirono ini enaakk..... truuss langsung ludesssshhhh sama orang2 kantor... makasi ya mbak riri.....



  1. Anonim said...
    Wow...legit nie kelihatannya

    Semoga sukses ya

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    Souvenir said...
    Mba kalo boleh tau.ini beli cupnya dimana yak? Hehe aku cari2 gx nemu2. Thx

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