Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

Happy B'Day Yudaaaaa...

Yuda was one of my team member in Ad Sales Direct Vision. Quite creative person, energetic though very number oriented (what ever it is yud heheh..)

Today is his birthday.. And i have a Choc cake order from him. Hhmmm, a very late order. I need to prepare things while i was still in 'leyeh2' mood after coming back from Bandung last weekend..

Started doing IT at 10 pm.. hahaha, i knew i would be ended at 2am at least :(.. But ITS A CHALLENGE!! As a former sales person (i am still indeed :), never leave that), a challenge is something intriguing, something that i cant help to resist :D.. **

So, strating slowly, based on my experience i need to calm down and focus to make a cake. Cook up the sponge cake 1st, while waiting to baked, i prepare the chocolate for the border and chocolate ganache..

Minimalist design as my style :)..
Pouring the ganache all ovet the cake was a new challenge for me. never did that before, so i just do my best. Although some of the ganache slipping down to the tray i just wash it out with a paper towel :)

Put 3 pieces of Strawberry on top, dip half of it on chocolate 1st.

Fill in the empty spaces between the fence and tha cake with whipped cream, and sprinkle.

Put the white choco border and tied it with blue ribbon..

The size of the cake is 20x30. I use 35x35 tray and box (since this was a short notice order i havent prepare the fitted box).

As my friend suggestion, i put the cake pushed to the back and leave a quite big area to put a 'happy bday' area ib the front. Hhhmmm.. sweet :)


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